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this page is divided in regular sessions, ongoing events; costs; upcoming events; and past events.


Regular Sessions, ongoing:

At the moment (as of August 2016) there are the following potters in our pottery to assist with the following projects at the following times. Those are not courses, just sessions for you to explore clay in the possibilities indicated below:

  • Monday 7.30pm to 9.30pm    John - throwing and decorating pottery
  • Tuesday 7pm to 9pm                 Ian - throwing and decorating pottery - from 13th Sept
  • Wednesday 10pm- 1pm             Alex -  throwing and decorating pottery
  • Wednesday 5pm to 9pm            Becky  Hand building, decorating, glazing and firing
  • Thursday 10.30-12.30am           Fiona  - Hand building, throwing, decorating - from Thursday 15th Sept, Thursday 29th Sept and then every Thursday morning 
  • Sunday 12pm – 4pm                  Becky when not working

Contact: Becky on 07590 402 633 or Fiona on 07794 331 471 or email sundragoncommunitypottery@gmail.com to book a place.

Note: it's very likely that there are potters around at other times as well, but please get in touch beforehand just to make sure someone is there. The pottery is open for everyone to explore their clay-activities and everyone is welcome.



Upcoming events:


Past Events:

 Christmas Market 2016

*** Spring Bazaar 7th March 2015 ***


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