Tuesday, 1 November 2016

new Anne Mette Hjortshøj interview

 image courtesy of goldmark

Since we last saw you at your 2012 exhibition at the Goldmark Gallery, what have you been up to?
A week ago I carried work for my November show downstairs and I’m sitting now amongst the best pots of four years with the kiln I built when I had my first exhibition with the Goldmark Gallery. So some pots are four years old, almost, and many pots are from the last firing that we opened yesterday. And it has been quite an unexpected adventure since that exhibition.
When I had my first show, I had my studio somewhere else on the island, so we moved to this farm and built a workshop and a kiln. It’s been a lot of ‘trial and error’, I think is the British way of saying we’ve been throwing out a lot of things and had a lot of new firings.

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