Friday, 26 February 2016

Rhian Malin Workshop

Rhian Malin offers a workshop: Throwing (19th March 10am-1pm) and Turning (20th March 2.30pm-5.30pm) with Porcelain. She'll also be giving a demo on how she throws her bottles! People must be able to attend both dates. Book online at
It'll take place here:
The Ceramics Studio,
The Granary,
Ettington Park,
CV37 8BT. 

Monday, 22 February 2016

pottery problems: dry hands

as almost everyone will know, at the end of a pottery session, all tided up and done, hands washed, you'll end up with dry hands, sometimes severely so. here's a simple recipe for a good all-purpose anti dry hands creme. it's cheap, easy to make and you have all control over the ingredients.

disclaimer: i'm no doctor so don't sue me, this is just for dry hands and - don't google your rash - but instead if you feel something weird is going on and your skin is looking odd and see your doctor.

the ingredients for this creme are fairly simple, you need sheabutter and almond oil. the proportion is approx 60% sheabutter and 40% almond oil. this can be changed depending on preference. you can also use any other oil. what you do is the following: you put the sheabutter in a jar and the jar with the butter into a hotwaterbath to melt the butter. once the butter is molten (it'll look like on the image), you add the almond oil and stirr it all a bit. it'll look like this. it looks no different in colour bc the almond oil is the same colour as molten sheabutter:

then leave it alone, it needs about an afternoon to get solid again and it'll look like this:

costs: less than a fiver. the jar is 3,5 inch in diameter. the creme reaches 2 inch in height from the bottom of the jar, i used a bit more than 100g of sheabutter and the proportional amount of almond oil. 1kg of organic sheabutter is about a tenner, costs of almond oil can vary.