Sunday, 9 August 2015

Introducing our Potters: Fiona Scanlan

in the coming days we will introduce ourselves, our work and what we contribute to our pottery:

Fiona Scanlan 

I first started making pots at adult education classes over twenty years ago. I immediately loved it. I was reminded of happy childhood hours of making mud pies and modelling with plasticine. Unfortunately the class closed before I was able to develop any skills! Later I discovered Quinborne Pottery group which has since moved to Sundragon Pottery. I also took lessons at the MAC and now have a studio pass there as well.

I work with porcelain and stoneware. With porcelain I am currently concentrating on slip casting with coloured slips. I aim for pieces that are delicate and colourful. In contrast my stoneware work is intended to be tactile and functional. I enjoy handbuilding and wheel work.

I am influenced by nature, plants and landscapes and by abstract patterns. I really love to experiment, and I enjoy the process even if the end result doesn’t always work!

I enjoy helping other people to develop their skills too. I have taught individuals and small groups and I have a PETLLS teaching qualification. I will be running sessions at Sundragon every Tuesday from 7-9pm at which I can actively teach you new skills or just show you where everything is and let you get on with it or something in between – whatever you prefer!

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